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Making Fashion Out of Art

One pair of leggings: two looks

Above is an example of my illustration of a cardinal that can be made into a super hot pair of leggings – or not :)

With the advent of portals such as Society 6 and RedBubble that sell art printed not only on canvas, paper, metal and plexiglass, but also on various fashion and tech products, plenty of creative people saw the opportunity to sell their art. But there are more components than art that make a sellable design. 

One of them is the placement of that art on a product itself. Products have various dimensions and proportions. What looks good on a horizontal laptop case, may not look that hot on a vertical phone case, and it might look plain terrible on a pair of leggings or a dress. 

Apparel is the most challenging: To make a piece of art into a fashionable garment that actually looks great on people, each garment needs an individual approach, and often a different, adjusted to the needs of that garment, digital file. You need to have an eye for fashion to sell fashion. You need to have an eye for art and fashion, to sell art on fashion.

Some portals offer a tool that allows for creation of repetitive patterns of the artwork, and sometimes this may be a solution.

Cardinal Song illustration placed poorly on the leggings

Sometimes however, it’s better to opt out of selling a specific product, if the art does not work with its shape.

Cardinal Song illustration well placed on the leggings

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