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The Amazing Neck Gaiter and Its Many Uses

the incredibly useful Neck Gaiter, printed seam to seam with original art
These days, a Neck Gaiter is the new essential garment to own. It works as a scarf, mask, bandana, cap, scrunchy, turtleneck and a fabric cuff bracelet - and we are sure that's not all! Also, it's one size fits all and it's unisex! It is a perfect gift for the ones who would like to please without getting into the science of sizes.  It's a perfect gift for the ones who like multi-purpose garments and gadgets. It's a perfect gift for the ones who want to give or get something unique.
the fabARTonstuff Experiment in Cyrillic collection of Neck Gaiters by Barbara Galinska with Lidka Schuch fabric design
We have a dozen of unique designs ready for you at our store. Order now for Christmas! Due to the second wave of Covid the fulfillment and shipping may get longer once again soon.

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