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Which Style of Leggings Best Complements Your Body Type

Yoga and Classic styles of Leggings explained

The Yoga and Classic Leggings shown above in the picture are the  Heart Chakra  and the  Throat Chakra  from the "Chakra Magic" Collection.

There are two main styles (also called "cuts") of leggings: Classic and Yoga. You may have noticed that the Yoga cut leggings are usually more expensive than the Classic cut leggings. This is because the Classic style leggings are made from two pieces of fabric while Yoga style leggings are made from four or five pieces of fabric. In the Yoga style leggings, aside of the front and back of the legs, there is also a wide waist band (sometimes with the extra elastic band inside for comfort - just as in ours), a triangle-shaped gusset crotch, and often an inside pocket. And, Yoga style legging also have a reinforced flat stitch on its front and back while Classic style sport an invisible, straight stitch.

There are also two basic types of lower body:
1.  with the largest circumference around the thighs and with longer waist [see picture above left]
2.  with the largest circumference around the hips and shorter waist [see picture above right].
From the two styles of leggings, usually the Classic leggings fit better people with short waists and Yoga leggings fit better people with long waists.

The Yoga and Classic Leggings shown above in the picture are the Spring Mambo Blue  and the  Spring Mambo Red  from the "Wrapped in Trees" Collection.

Also, the length of leggings is important. There are two lengths of pants or leggings: the full length and the Capri length. Capri pants or leggings typically come down to anywhere between knee and ankle. This is a perfect length for riding a bike or playing baseball or tennis, if you are into physical activities. If you are not into sports but simply the full length pants or leggings happen to be too long for you, Capri length could be the ideal solution.

Sonja de Lennart and her English couturier Bunny Roger made Capri length pants popular in 1948. Then they were simply called Capris. The name came from the Italian isle of Capri where they became very popular through 1950s and early ‘60s. Audrey Hepburn made Capris fashionable in North America by wearing them in the movie called Roman Holiday.

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