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Our Story

eco friendly tech

Here are a few facts about us:

    • We don't stock in fabARTonstuff, we print fabric and make garments to your order – a more conscious and responsible choice over bulk stocking. However, making such unique, custom ordered products requires time. 
      Please read our Shipping and Returns Policy for the estimated delivery time and order early. It takes time to be an original⭐️
    • The clothing is printed with the direct-to-garment (DTG) printing method. The printing tech we use is made with sustainability in mind, and our DTG printers use almost zero wastewater and less energy, lowering our carbon footprint.
    • The inks we use for printing are water-based and free of harmful chemicals. We take care to dispose of any left-over ink according to the ink supplier guidelines, so we’re not harming the environment.

    fabARTonstuff is the latest brain child of Lidka Schuch, the creator and owner of the Fashion Art Boutique and Studio L, DIgital Graphic Design and Training, later transformed into on line Training and Design facility.

    When Lidka realized the opportunities that Print on Demand brings to artists and entrepreneurs worldwide, she applied all of her traditional Fine Arts and Fashion Design knowledge together with her in-depth experience in the Digital Graphics field to the oldest joy of her life: Making Fashion Out of Art in the most complementary way to any body type. 

    Now armed with a small team of talented and dedicated people, she keeps bringing smiles with her bright fabrics and unique choice of art to the faces of fabARTonstuff clients, models, influencers, photographers and guests of fashion shows and shoots.

    fabARTonstuff works with only one POD company that not only provides a top notch quality printing and sewing services but also does it in the environmentally conscious way. We're all working on becoming kinder to the planet we all share, providing high-quality products and services.

      Shop Original Art on Apparel, Home Décor & Tech Accessories by Lidka Schuch and Invited Artists. 
      All prices are in Canadian Dollars. Prices are subject to change without notice.

      working together for safe environment